Talay Tara is different from most resorts which have rooms that are all the same as in any hotel. The villas at Talay Tara are fully equipped homes that have been sold to Foreign families.

For many of these families, their holiday villa in Thailand is their pride. They return every year to Sam Roi Yod so that they can enjoy the wonderful warm weather, the always friendly and smiling Thai people, and all that Thailand has to offer.

Whilst every villa will have the same basic inventory of items, every villa is unique because the owner has chosen their own furnishings and décor. Some owners have gone to great lengths and expense to make their holiday villa a special place where they can escape their everyday lives for weeks or months at a time.

Please remember when you stay with us that the villa you are staying in is actually a home and not just another ordinary hotel.

The owner has graciously agreed to share their home with you. Please treat your villa with the same respect that you would expect from visitors in your own home.

Thank you :)

quality & comfort

The comfort and enjoyment of our guests is important to us at Talay Tara. We want to ensure that everyone truly enjoys our special place.

We are also responsible to all of the house owners and families, to ensure that their house stays in perfect condition for their enjoyment as well. For this reason we must fairly apply some rules and standards for our houses.

Unfortunately we can cannot accept some of the practices that are common in other vacation resorts such as over-occupancy of the house by large parties of people

accommodation & pets

We can only accommodate the matching number of people for available beds in the house, along with the addition of one extra bed.

The sofas in the house are meant for sitting and relaxing, but not for sleeping. When they are used every day as a bed, they are spoiled quickly. This creates additional expense for the owner of the house and makes the house less appealing for other guests in the future.

In the same way, we cannot provide accommodation for guests with pets. Even the best behaved pets can cause messes inside the house and outside in the gardens that spoil the experience of Talay Tara for other guests.