sam roi yot national park

At Talay Tara you will be living in a beautiful palm grove next to the Khao Sam Roi Yod National Park.

The park covers an area of about 100 km2 and gives you a chance to experience unique landscapes and amazing plants and animal species. The breathtaking beauty has been extensively used as scenery in a large number of films.

The name, Khao Sam Roi Yod is Thai and means “mountain with three hundred peaks”. This refers to the many green-clad linmestone mountains which dramatically rise vertically out of the Gulf of Thailand to a hight of some 650 m.

An impressive sight for everyone to see!

Go and see

  • Explore the fantastic caves with hidden temples in the mountains. And remember to enjoy the spectacular view. Perhaps you will get a glimpse of the rare goat antelope Serowe on the raw rock slopes.
  • The trip to the mountain area is along crooked paths through lush rainforest. Here you will meet the monkeys on close hand; the charming dark-skinned langur and the crab eating langur. The timed Lazy Loris is to be searched at night with a torch.
  • Be prepared to meet the roaring deer, Malayan pangolins, armadillos, Malaysian hollow neddle-pigs, Javanese mongoose, Siamese hare and gray tummy squirrel.
  • Take a long boat cruise and sail along the coast and further up the river. Here you will experience a wildlife not found anywhere else: The marshy areas have everything ranging from lizards to a fish that rises magically up from the river and jumps off on its large gills
  • The giant freshwater marshes, including Thung Sam Roi Yot of 37 km2, is an essential pantry place for many amphibians, reptiles and small mammals and is said to be one of the best places in Thailand to observe birds, especially shorebirds.
  • The national park´s fine beaches with the azure blue waters have an relaxing effect on even the most stressed people. Enjoy the view of the coastal paradise islands and let yourself be entertained by the playful dolphins that occasionally pass by.
  • Our Service Center regularly arranges guided trips to the national park. If you prefer to go by yourself with your family or friends please contact us and we will be happy to help you make contact to an experienced tour guide!


hua hin

City of opportunities – Are you in need for city life, shopping and a night at the disco? Go and visit Hua Hin. The population of Hua Hin is about 85.000 and the 9th King of Thailand had his permanent residence here.

The king´s presence in Hua Hin has made the town one of the richest districts in Thailand. Just take a look at the super-modern hospitals, the supermarkets, the excellent infrastructure, the luxury hotels and the well-trimmed nature.

The police are everywhere in the streets and this has limited crime significantly; It is absolutely safe and secure to take a walk on your own – even late in the evening. Nightlife in Hua Hin is not quite as noisy as in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattya, and this pleases both tourists and the permanent residents.

go and see

  • Hua Hin is well known as the golfer´s paradise in Thailand. Within a 10 km drive from Hua Hin seven different golf courses of high international standard are at your disposal. You will have courses for both beginners and talented enthusiastic golfers.
  • At the beach the entertainment will please all family members, ranging from massage and water sports to horse riding and riding on an elephant´s back.
  • Make time for a visit at the Hua Hin night market. Every night the pedestrian street in the city center turns into a color-rich market place. Here you can buy everything ranging from watches, t-shirts and video games to local crafts, fresh fruits, seafood and nice hot fast food served directly from steamy woks.
  • If you fancy a nice romantic evening / night out you can choose form a variety of Thai and international restaurants as well as a handful of bars and nights clubs. The small cozy restaurants primarily offer you seafood delicacies.
  • Not far from Hua Hin you can go and explore the historical sides of Thailand: e.g. the Buddha Mountain with the large statue scouting out to the sea. At the same location you will meet The Monkey Temple, Wat Khao Lad occupied by dozens of monkeys.
  • Go on a trip to the floating market, Damnoen Saduak, where small canoes are filled to the brim with exotic fruits and vegetables, as well as accessories and souvenirs.Spend the night at the beautiful island Koh Talu, go diving into the ocean and experience the colorful coral landscape. Also remember to visit the famous bridge – Bridge over River Kwai. Visit the museum and learn more about how the bridge played a part in World War II.

sam roi yot´s villages

Meet the “real” Thai people – In the small villages far away from the city skyscrapers and busy streets you will meet a whole new side of Thailand: Here, you experience the authentic and almost completely unspoiled Thailand. Here, Thai culture and old traditions are still going strong and here, tourists are still a rarity and hospitality is taken for granted.

In the villages of Sam Roi Yot you will meet the local people and feel the unlimited Thai friendliness which always take the tourists by surprise. You may even receive an invitation to visit a private home! Accept it and get an unique experience.

Once you have achieved to get close to a Thai, you will get a friend for life who will share everything with you!

Go and see

  • At the markets local people are selling their own products – fresh from the field. Enjoy the colors, the scents and the taste of an exciting selection af goodies!
  • Watch the locals work! Feel free to stop by the large shrimp farms and watch the shrimps being caught in giant nets. At plantations and other tropical fruit gardens, you will be able to see how the coconut palms are converted into brown sugar and pineapples are being collected and prepared for sale.
  • Fishing in ocean and lakes is obviously somehing you have to try in Sam Roi Yot. Put & Take lakes are also available, giving you the optimal chance of getting a fish home for dinner.
  • Are you a golfer? Sam Roi Yot offers you a 9 hole golf course and mini golf.
  • Enjoy nature to the full: Go hiking in the mountains and follow the forest trails and discover the intense flora of the rain forest. Close your eyes and relax on the fine white beaches and do not miss a refreshing dip in the Gulf of Thailand.
  • Would you prefer some action? Try jet and water skiing! If you prefer relaxing water sports you could also go canoeing.
  • Experience nature on a bicycle or a motorcycle! In Sam Roi Yot it is very popular to drive around between the villages and make stops at all the amazing viewpoints.
  • At the Talay Taras Service Center you are able to rent both bicycles, mountain bicycles, scooters and motorcycles. Contact us for further information.

pranburi – fishermen´s village with classic charm

Pranburi is located only 16 km from our holiday homes in Talay Tara. The fine beaches, magnificent nature scenery, the laid-back local people and the convenient location with only 23 km to the city of Hua Hin has attrached an increasing number of wealthy Thais who have moved to Pranburi for a more peacefull and quiet lifestyle.

I you adore relaxing on the beach Pranburi is the perfect place for you! The beaches are never crowded. Even at weekends when a large influx of visitors come from e.g. Bangkok you will be able to find yourself a good spot in the sun.

Being on the seaside you obviously have to visit the seafood restaurants of Pranburi and spoil yourself with an orgy of fresh seafood.

Go and see

  • The beautiful peaceful beaches of Pranburi are not only perfect for sunbathing and relaxation. If it is hard for you to sit down for hours and hours, just go and try out all the outdoor sports activities e.g. canoeing and kayaking, speedboat trips, jet skis, banana boats, snokeling, beach volley and football.
  • Are you a golf player? Then you absolutely have to go and visit the 18 hole golf course! The facilities are above standard, service is superb and you will be surprised to see the price list. To become a member you only have to pay about 8.000 THB per year. As a member you pay only 100 THB per game and a caddy is 220 THB.
  • At the Pranburi stadium you can play football, volleyball and tennis. Here you also find a super running track and swimming facilites.
  • The military headquarters in Pranburi is open to tourists. In the beautiful park different war equipement is exhibited. At the shooting boot you use real bullets and at the paintball paths you will be able to shoot your friends and family – even your mother in law – without getting arrested!
  • From early morning until late in the evening the streets of Pranburi are buzzing with activity. The markets are open in the morning at 4 a.m. till 9 a.m. featuring fresh fruits and vegetables and other exotic products from the local area. Don´t miss the intimate and intense evening atmosphere when markets re-open at 3 p.m. until 10 p.m.
  • Along the beach you will find large number of cozy shops. If you need to buy larger quantities the supermarket Tesco Lotus is recommended. Each day at 6 p.m. aerobics is executed outside Tesco Lotus. Everyone can join the group for free!
  • If you are looking for noisy nightlife – don´t go to Pranburi! Here, a good night out is a nice fresh seafood dinner with local fish and crabs – and enjoying live entertainment at the many beach bars while watching the beautiful sunset.